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Plant Extracts is The Leader Health Industry In Transition

Modern Health Industry is supplying not only single product but also the whole health solution comparing with traditional health industry. Facing to this important Development opportunity, Yuensun(Yesherb) focus on digestive system and tonifying Yang solutions to Promote enterprise innovation promotion.


Table 1: China plant extract exporting data in 2015 from Jan. To Nov.

ItemExport amount(millionUSD)Amount Rate(%)Export weight(Tons)Weight Rate(%)Unit price Rate(%)
Plant extract195022.58800046.2-16.2
By the reason of Aging population,the boost health awareness of people,and also the “Health China”strategy made by Chinese national Thirteen Five Plan,these give a big advantage for health care industry developing. As an important role in the health care chain,plant extract industry in still has increased 22.5% on exporting amount and 46.2% on exporting weight in 11 months at 2015. 
It is easy to see from the table 1, along with the rapid growth of plant extract amount , the export price is compared to the present downturn, Chinese medicine and health products import and export chamber of commerce in plant extracts association secretary-Yu Zhibin analysis its reason in phytochemistry conference in 2016 and pointed out, 2015 industry events had a profound impact on plant extract export , serious product homogeneity lead to exports price war and a series of industry policy releasing is the important factor of product prices fell sharply.
In the same time, he summarized plant extraction industry characteristics in shaanxi province: serious product homogeneity, the lack of competitive products, enterprises lack their own characteristics and enterprise brand needs to be improved is the main problems faced by enterprises.
Plant extracts enterprise must according to their own characteristics, suit the remedy to the case, take the above four big pain points as the breakthrough point, establishing differentiated shields, complementary, common network industrial chain, to break through the plant extraction industry development bottleneck.
Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, plant extracts enterprise innovation is imperative "Interprets the user"s needs is the direction of the enterprise in the future, studying the needs of users, is innovation. Encourage users to participate in, to touch the pain points of the user, and then innovation, solve the pain points, and form the systematic system of value chain on the basis of each spot solutions and market segments, is the sustainable development of the plant extract industry ecosystem." Shaanxi plant extracts association Shen Zhigang described "creative transformation" for that.
Based on Shaanxi plant extract industry characteristics, Yuensun divided the domestic health care enterprise into the following four types : 
Drug firms transformation or increase health food plate, the enterprise has professional formula demonstration research and development institutions; Food companies to increase health food plate, has relevant personnel work in the formula; Cosmetic companies to increase health food plate, weak formula research and development ability; 
The High-Tech enterprise which always take health food and health products solutions as the main business, have professional formula research and development institutions." take health food and health products solutions as the main business" ,undoubtedly a special way for plants extraction enterprises which lack the characteristics and have heavy homogenization.For that started by raw material production plant extracts enterprises, "health products solutions" has not only advantages of raw materials and markets, but also the prior for "emerging high-tech enterprises" for recent 5 years.There are great market potential in this few enterprises involved field .
Plant extracts industry is the protagonist of the health industry, The enterprise assume important responsibilities. From three angles,enterprise development, industry trends and social responsibility, Yuensun make the clear orientationof its enterprise development- Focus on the research of digestive system and Aphrodisiac products,provide superior health products solutionsfor the world!