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YESHERB is a professional plant extract and health solution supplier, we has evolved to provide not only Chinese herbal extract but also efficient way of use. Some of our core strengths include:
1. Mission & Vision
Bring the herbal extract to the world and benefit all human’s health.
Be the top material & solution supplier for global nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.
Be a top world brand over a century.
2. Excellent Sales
Our sales team maintains an extensive knowledge of healthcare field, including products and effect, besides our sales are all responsible and passionate.
3. Formulations
We focus on plant extracts manufacturing as well as efficient herbal formula research, being partnership with Shaanxi provincial key laboratory of biotechnology in Northwest University, YESHERB have strong research ability and in-depth study in herbal formula, with the ability of developing mature herbal formulas with specific effect. 
4. YESHERB around the World
Our head office is located in Xi’an, besides we own sales company in Guangzhou China, and after service & storage branch in New Jersey America, the New Jersey warehouse possess us large inventory in USA mainland, which guaranteed steady supply, fast shipping and convenient after sales support.
We are committed to providing you with an exceptional service. Our employees have been extensively trained in health care services and are always ready to provide you one-stop service and high quality product & solutions, build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with you.