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YESHERB 2016 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Xian Yuensun Bio-technology Co., Ltd. 2016 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice


The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, in accordance with national statutory holiday provisions, we make holiday arrangements as follows:


1. Dragon Boat Festival holiday period: holiday time from June 9, 2016 - June 11, back to normal work on 12th.(Sunday).


2. Domestic and international shipments: the shipment deadline is June 8, at 17:00, During the three-days holiday, we don’t arrange shipping service, logistics will return to normal on June 12. All departments pls arrange your work well.


3. During the holiday, company do not arrange staff on duty, in order to provide you with timely and convenient services, please call 186 2966 2608 (Young Director) or 186 2946 5189 (Mr.Huang), freely!


4. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Pls make sure safety of company property, keep away from fire, theft and so on.


5.  Employees that going home or travelling, pls pay attention to personal and property safety.




Happy Dragon Boat Festival ! 


Xian Yuensun Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

June 8, 2016