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The U.K. Take Advice on Tongkat Ali Extract as New Foods


According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), a company has recently applied to the council for approval of the Tongkat ali root plant extract as a new food ingredient in accordance with the requirements of EC Directive 258/97.

It is understood that the applicant plans to apply Tongkat ali herbal extract for grain nutrition, candy, beverage and food supplements.

Tongkat ali extract is a kind of herbal extract that extracted from Tongkat Ali, and is commonly used as a beverage in many Southeast Asian countries.

New food or novel food ingredients refer to food or food ingredients that were not on the EU market until May 15, 1997. Any new type of food must be subject to a strict food safety assessment before being allowed to enter the EU market.

In the UK, the New Food Advisory Council (ACNFP) is responsible for the evaluation of new food products, it is an independent academic institution designated by the UK Food Standards Agency.