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Centella Asiatica Extract - Asiaticoside 20%-80%, Asiatic Acid 95%

Product Name:Centella Asiatica Extract
Specification:Asiaticoside 20%-80%, Asiatic Acid 95%
Categories:Plant Extracts

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Centella Asiatica Extract - Asiaticoside 20%-80%, Asiatic Acid 95%
Brief Introduction Centella asiatica extract is prepared from a small herbaceous annual plant of the family mackinlayaceae, which native to India, Sri Lanka, China, and other parts of Asia. The main active ingredient of centella asiatica extract, also known as gotu kola extract is asiaticoside and asiatic acid. Centella asiatica extract is widely used to heal wounds, treat skin conditions, improve mental clarity, treat varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency.
Centella Asiatica Extract Product Description Product Name: Centella Asiatica Extract
Latin Name: Centella Asiatica (Linn.) Urban
Part Used: Leaf
    Asiaticoside 20%-80% test by HPLC
    Molecular Formula: C48H78O19
    Molecular Mass: 959.12
    CAS No.: 16830-15-2
    Constitutional Formula:
    Asiatic Acid 95% test by HPLC
    Molecular Formula: C30H48O5
    Molecular Mass: 488.70
    CAS No.: 464-92-6
    Constitutional Formula:
Function Promote collagen regeneration, enhance the underlying cell viability, maintain skin elasticity to prevent sagging.
Anti-oxidation, inhibit free radical activity, regulate skin immunity.
Fade hyperpigmentation, skin cell regeneration, increase skin water retention.
Allergy protective effect, protecting the skin from external damage.
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Packing & Storage Packing with fiber drum, 25 kg/drum,or as customer required.
Stored in a cool, dry and dark place, shelf life 24 months.