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Maca extract can improve female menopausal symptoms

Recently, a Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial using maca extract has been conducted in Japan, and it is found that the ingredients are expected to exert a significant reduction in the likelihood of menopausal symptoms in women. The subjects were 41 healthy women aged 40 to 58 in Japan, and the researchers found that the levels of blood estrogen and sleep disorders were significantly improved compared with the placebo group by stratified analysis and observation. It is understood that the maca material used in the trial was "maca extract BG1•2" supplied by Latina company.


Maca is known for it’s effect of relaxing the body and relieving fatigue. In recent years, the development of maca products for women has also become active. In this experiment, scientists also found that the promotion of ovulation estrogen increased, which the company said, Maca in the regulation of menstruation and pregnancy is expected to achieve good results.


It is understood that in the "maca extract BG1•2" that the test used, the standard content of "benzyl glucosinolate", which is one of the active ingredients of the Maca extract, is 1.2%.